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Hello everybody, Iโ€™m Billy. Originally from Yorkshire, England, I trained in Sports development but spent most of my working years caring for the elderly & disabled. In 2016 I decided to quit my job, sell my house and stuff as much as possible into a backpack! Iโ€™ve been travelling for nearly 3 years now, and I quickly realised that carrying as much as humanly possible was not a great way to get around! I now travel with nothing more than 13kg of belongings, a head full of memories and a lifetime of experiences! The last 3 years have been spent in Australia, Asia and Europe with only a backpack and a very tight budget! Hopefully I can share some stories and give advice and information on how to adopt a different lifestyle to the 9-5, and how to travel long term without an income!

Mount Everest Base Camp: My Unforgettable 11 Day Trek

Mount Everest as you know is the tallest mountain on earth, and while base camp isn’t quite at the top, it’s still pretty high.ย  Everest is 8848m high and located in the Himalayan mountain range between Nepal & China. To think about being โ€˜on top of the worldโ€™ is just crazy.ย  In fact, I did […]

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