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In March 2017, Rick and Andrea started a Facebook Group called Travel Addicts as a way to share our travel photos and videos with the world. And boy did it ever grow! As of June 2019, the group has grown to nearly 160,000 members! One reason for our success, we believe, is that we have done our best to ensure only those high quality photos and videos get shared, all while limiting the use of commercial content. Due to the limitations of Facebook, we were unable to use the group as a place for us to share any indepth travel stores. As a result, we've created this blog, where anyone can write about interesting travel related stories, and then share it with the Facebook group. Thank you for following us on our journey and look forward to reading your travel stories! Rick & Andrea

How To Stay Fit on a Cruise – My Top 10 Secrets 👍🏻🚢😃 Sorry, vacation calories do count! Here's how I deal with it!

Are you wondering how to stay fit on a cruise ship?  Its no wonder that returning home from a cruise often brings great memories, and few extra pounds.  Gaining a little weight is especially common for first-time cruisers.   For example, I remember my first Princess cruise to Alaska, walking by those beautiful desserts- it is […]

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How To Take The Best Travel Photos Discover the secrets I use to take my favourite travel photos!

Are you looking for tips and tricks to take the best travel photos?  Look no further. I love to take photos, I love to edit my photos, and I love to display my photos online.  So naturally, I like to take photos when I’m traveling.  For example, we went on a trip to Asia a […]

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Ready to take off

How To Avoid Jet Lag – Our Own Personal Secrets! Arrive rested and get the best from your vacation - without the symptoms of Jet Lag!

Jet lag can spoil the first few days of a vacation, and for some, it’s difficult to avoid.  However, there are some simple steps you can take to mitigate it. Here is what we do to avoid jet lag symptoms: Tip #1: Book a Jet Lag Friendly Good Flight If we know that we’ll be […]

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Our Mediterranean Cruise – Our 21 Day Epic Adventure Onboard the Emerald Princess - This is how we spent our 3 weeks

Our Complete 21 Day Mediterranean Cruise Itinerary, Starting from Rome Day 0: Rome – The Day Before Embarkation Since we were already in Italy, it seemed natural for us to start our 21 Day Mediterranean cruise in Civitavecchia, the port of Rome.  Naturally, we took the high-speed train to Rome the day before embarkation.  Of […]

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Visitor Guide: Cruise Ship Terminal of Vancouver BC

The Cruise Ship Terminal of Vancouver is a bustling port in the summertime, especially for Alaskan Cruises. It is located right downtown at Canada Place. Cruises from and To Vancouver Cruise ship season in the port of Vancouver starting from Mid April to the end of September. Almost every major Cruise line has cruises from […]

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Our Journey Through the Panama Canal By Cruise Ship Our Epic Journey from Vancouver to Fort Lauderdale

The Panama Canal by cruise ship (full transit) is definetly a bucket list itinerary.  Consequently, this was one of the most memorable cruise itineraries I’ve ever experienced.  Being able to say that I’ve traveled from ocean to ocean is quite a feeling! We were on a smaller cruise ship, The Island Princess.  This cruise ship […]

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Which Cruise Line Category Should I Choose? Luxury or Mainstream? Choosing the right cruise line makes the vacation even more awesome!

Which cruise line should you choose? Do you go luxury or mainstream? Choosing the right cruise line category can make the cruising experience even more perfect.  But, how do you pick the ideal cruise line for you and your family?  Here are some tips that might help you. Everyone is different and has different ideas […]

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How To Avoid Getting Seasick on a Cruise Seasickness is no fun. But here's some ways we've been able to get over it.

Are you going on a cruise and looking to avoid getting seasick? Seasickness is one of the major concerns people have who’ve never cruised before. Modern ships are designed and equipped to handle rough seas, and passengers’ comfort is a high priority of every cruise line. Unfortunately, like airline turbulence, there are occasions when the […]

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Photo Bomb Rick And Andrea on Segways

How We Take Our Funniest Travel Photos! Sometimes You Just Have to Let Go :)

Its no secret, Andrea and I love to travel a lot.  We also take tons of photos, tens of thousands actually – each year.  Andrea travels with his and is usually the one ready to take my crazy poses. But how do we get those most “memorable” shots?  Lets dig in. The Perfect Camera This […]

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How We Score the Best Cruise Deals! Our tips to getting the best prices possible for your next cruise.

Are you wondering how to get the very best cruise deals? It’s no secret.  Cruising is by far our most favorite way to travel, and we’ve certainly covered the reasons why here.  I mean, how else can you visit so many cities in such a short time, all while being pampered? The thing is, like […]

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