Avignon, The City of the Popes 📷👍🏻🇫🇷😀

Avignon is beautiful ancient town in the Provence area of France. The city is rich on history and Medieval architecture. In 1309 Pope Clement the V moved the Papal capital from Rome to Avignon. The city remained the Papal capital till 1376 when Pope Gregory the XI moved back to Rome. The massive Papal Palace […]

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Top 10 things I learned in Paris France 👍🏻🇫🇷😍

I visited this amazing city over new year and I fell in love with it. Here are metope 10 things i have learned that I want to share with you. 1- You can’t help but fall in love with this city! Seriously it is amazing. Just get lost in the street of this city, grab […]

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Paris – France 📷🇫🇷👍🏻

Paris is one of the most amazing cities n the world. The most famous area to visit like the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre Museum can be really busy at times it is better to get there early to avoid longlines. A great Way to experience a new city is by Hop On Hop Off […]

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