Munich, Germany 👍🏻📷😀🇩🇪

Munich is a beautiful city to visit and enjoy. It has a great mix of old and modern. The center of the city revolves around Marienplatz and it is alive with many people, shopping, eating and drinking beer. Just around the corner from Marienplatz there is a great market that offers German and Bavarian specialties. […]

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BeerQuest 2018 “Munich”

The Play Harder Tours “BeerQuest 2018 Munich to Prague” trip is just a few months away.  Dates are set, air and accommodations have been booked, all that’s left is a bit of fine-tuning.  Within 2 months of our trip, we will book tours with local guides, buy train tickets and make reservations for special things we might want to […]

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Neuschwanstein Germany 👍🏻🇩🇪😊👌🏻🇪🇺

This castle is incredibly famous because it was used by Disney as an inspiration for the Sleeping Beauty movie. The view from outside are amazing. Plan to go early in the morning because it gets really really busy.

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