Palma De Mallorca 👍🏻😀📷🇪🇸

The beautiful city of Palma De Mallorca is the main city on the Mallorca Island in the Mediterranean Sea. The center is dominated by the stunning Gothic Cathedral. The inside of the Cathedral is absolutely incredible. In a sunny day the stained glasses lit the church with many different colours making the atmosphere even more […]

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What to do in Barcelona

Dear travelers, once you arrive at your destination, please have the most comfortable shoes available! That’s how you should start any holiday in Barcelona, ​​because at every step you will find something that will attract your attention that is worth a short stop, whether it’s a street artist, a metro singer or a work of […]

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Barcellona a great city to explore and enjoy! 😀📷👍🏻🚢

Barcellona is an amazing city to explore and enjoy. It has a perfect mix of old and new. The old city has many narrow street with cute stores, great coffee shop and restaurants. The old gothic cathedral is stunning, it is worth to spend a lot of time inside it and enjoy. Walking distance from […]

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