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Hong Kong

How to Prepare For a Big Trip And Have a Great Time Discover how I get the most out of my traveling.

Are you going on a big trip and wondering how to best prepare for it?  If so, I get it.  I love taking long flights to faraway destinations.  But, with lots of different destinations to explore, preparation is key to the trip’s success.  For example, I enjoy planning what I am going to see and […]

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The Main Forum in Pompeii

How To Get To Pompeii And Herculaneum from Naples Here's how to get the best out of your trip to Pompeii and Herculaneum

For many people, a visit to Pompeii and Herculaneum is a bucket list item, and Naples (Napoli) Italy is the central hub to reach both archeological sites. Many tourists arrive in Naples and then have to figure out how to get to Pompeii, Herculaneum, or both. Info About Pompeii Pompeii is located about 26km (18 […]

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Hi Giang Mountains Vietnam

Ha Giang Travel Guide – The Northern Reaches of Vietnam

Vietnam is a very mountainous country.  If I had to choose the best mountain area in Vietnam, I wouldn’t hesitate to travel to Ha Giang – and it’s for this reason I’m writing this guide. After extensively traveling my native land, Ha Giang is still my favorite destination when I want to get out of […]

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Royal Princess going under the Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver

Royal Princess Playing Love Boat & Bonus Ringtone!

Playing the iconic Love Boat Theme, this is The Royal Princess sailing under the Lions Gate Bridge. It left the Port of Vancouver on July 20th 2019. I recorded it and converted into a ring tone to use on iPhone/Android. If you’d like to set up your ringtone on your iPhone/android, feel free to complete […]

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Rome and The Vatican in the Background

How to Get From FCO Fiumicino Airport to Rome and Back 4 Easy Options to Easily Get to Downtown Rome

The Leonardo Da Vinci Airport (FCO), also known as Fiumicino, is located 35 km from downtown Rome and is the central hub for tourists starting their Italian holidays.  FCO Fiumicino is also the main airport for the many cruise ship passengers who are arriving to board their ship in Civitavecchia (the port of Rome). FCO […]

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landing, sunset, flight

How to Get a Refund From Non Refundable Holidays It can be done - discover the what we learned, how how you can do it too!

In 2018, 1.32 million global tourists were reported by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in the Tourism Highlights Report. Most of those travelling globally book flights, hotels, or even holiday packages. But what happens when you realize that you have to cancel your trip? Unfortunately, this happens more often than people think. Millions […]

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Airplane - How I book the cheapest flights

How To Book the Cheapest Flights – 5 Flight Hacks I've travelled extensively for the past 20 years- This what I've learned.

I’ve been working for the government teaching soldiers for the last 20 years, and over this period of time, I’ve learned exactly how to book the cheapest flights.  During that time I usually traveled two to three times a year with them.  Then two years ago, I was traveling almost every month.  I wondered if […]

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Standing in Line in Cuba

Cuba: How to Avoid Standing in Line

In Cuba, if you want anything, you have to stand in line.  Some supermarkets even have separate lines to buy cooking oil, butter, bread, and soap.  There are lines for the bus, for pizza, at the bank, and to buy the government newspaper.  Sometimes when Cubans see a line they go stand in it, figuring […]

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Cruising toward the Lions Gate Bridge from the Cruise Ship Terminal in Vancouver

How I Get The Best Cruise Deals!

Here are some of the tricks we learned to get the best cruise deals available. Book early: I’ve found that booking as soon as the itinerary comes out usually gets me both the best deals and best cabin choice. In fact once the cabin is secured, if the price goes down or some specials became […]

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