How I stay fit on a cruise 👍🏻🚢😃

Coming home from a cruise usually brings great memories and few extra pounds. This is especially true for a first timer.  I remember my first cruise, to Alaska… and you walk by those beautiful desserts- it is hard to resist! These are our tips that helps avoid to putting on too much weight.

1- Have a Healthy Breakfast:

Our favourite way to do breakfast is to have it in our room. This way we only eat what we order and we avoid all temptations. A nice bowl of cereal or fresh fruit it is the best way to start your day.  Breakfast in the main dining room, or at the buffet is awesome but it is near impossible to pass on that extra pastry.  In your room, you will avoid all this. The only time we go for breakfast in the main dining is when we’re in port and we plan to explore the city for the all day and we want to skip lunch.

2- Go Out on Port Days and Walk:

We all go on a cruise to enjoy the beautiful ports of call, why not try to walk as much as we can when in port.  Plus exploring a city on foot is fun!  You’ll have way more opportunities for photo taking while walking than on a bus. If a port of call is a beach destination we like to walk on the beach or swim in the ocean, that will burn calories too.

On our most recent Alaska cruise, we had to row in a canoe, then HIKE to the glacier.  It was amazing!

3- Meal Planning for Lunch and Dinner:

On sea days we usually have lunch at the buffet and we choose a lean protein (chicken, pork, turkey) and lots of vegetables. Try to keep the carbs to the minimum.  Speaking of which, we don’t eat any dry bread on board.

For dinner at the main dining room we limit our meal to two courses either an appetizer and a main course, or a main course and a dessert.  Ask your waiter to take the bread away…. I know it is delicious (really, really delicious) but you will pay for it on the scale! Especially after cruising for a week+ 😂

4- Take the Stairs as Much as Possible:

This serves two purposes: first you will burn some calories, second you’ll avoid the long wait for the elevators.

5- Go for a Run or a Brisk Walk Around the Ship:

Do this at least twice a day. It’s a good way to burn some calories, get some steps and interact with other fellow passengers.  We’ve even saw our captain do this several times (incognito), if he does why not us!

6- Keep Alcohol Consumption low:

I know it is your vacation and you want to have fun but most of the cocktails on board are full of sugar and drinking several of those a day is the equivalent of eating a cake – every single day! Stick with beer and wine 3-4 glasses a day are perfect. Another problem with alcohol is that it clouds your judgment and when you are a little foggy it is way too easy to have that extra slice of pie!

7- Go Dancing:

There is no lack of party and dancing opportunities on board, starting with Zumba in the morning till the late night parties, this is not only fun but keeps you active!

8- Watch the Movie From In the Pool:

On sea days it is nice to watch the afternoon movie by the pool, why not watching it in the pool for long period of time moving around? This it is a great way to keep yourself active!  Even if you’re using a floatie, you’ll burn more calories!

9- Afternoon Tea… Evil!

I know the 4pm afternoon tea in the main dining room is such a great experience but most of the times it turns into the 4th meal of the day. If you’re planning on doing the afternoon tea just skip lunch, or just have fruit for lunch.

10- Use the Gym

The gym is not just for the raffle at the beginning of the cruise…. the machines are there to be used. If you want to keep active and indulge in that extra snack, go to the gym for an hour and you will be fine.

At the end of the day we go on a cruise to have loads of fun and if you follow some of these suggestions we’re sure you’ll have a guilt free Vacation. Enjoy 😀

Andrea & Rick

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