How We Score the Best Cruise Deals! Our tips to getting the best prices possible for your next cruise.

It’s no secret.  Cruising is by far our most favourite way to travel and we’ve certainly covered the reasons why here.  I mean, how else can you visit so many cities in such a short time, all while being pampered?

The thing is, like travelling by air, cruising prices are all over the map.  For instance, you can find fares around US$65/night per person, all the way up to US$600/night per person, for the very same ship, same food, and same destinations.  Like airlines, cruise companies often price their rooms based on availiability.  The less availability, the higher the price (usually).

So how do you beat the system and find the very best possible fares?  We’ve found a few secrets that work over and over.  Some are very simple, other requires a bit more patience.

So let’s explore what you can do to find those smoking deals.

1. Book Early, Very Early

If you have a specific itinerary or week in mind, and can not be flexible, perhaps because of work, your best bet is to book as early as possible. We’ve found that you get some pretty amazing deals and perks for sailings when the itineraries first come out.  Some of our cruises are booked nearly two years in advance, specifically for their unique itinieraries (I.e. Antartctica). This also gives you lots of time (i.e. after you’ve paid the deposit), to monitor the price of your cruise, and should they they come down (i.e. due to a special), you may ask your travel agent to contact the cruise line and match the new price.

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2. Book With a Travel Agent Specialised in Cruises

Travel agents who are specialised in cruises often allocate groups of cabins with multiple cruise lines at a special rate that they can sell to the public.  These special rates often come with extra perks like on board credits, specialty dining dinning etc, that they are able to negotiate with the cruise line and pass on their clients. Search for a specialised cruise travel agent and get on their mailing list for specials. (Here is one in North America). If you signed up for a cruise line mailing list and you receive a great last minute deal, talk to your agent as they are likely able to match it and perhaps add on some cool perks.

3. Different Cruise Lines have Different Prices and Different Service Levels

Some cruise lines are cheaper than others. Obviously you won’t get the same level of service, or even quality of food.  For example on some cheaper cruise lines, the lowest fare does not include room service, the ability to choose the cabin, the ability to choose the dining time etc.  If these don’t interest you, you can score some very good cheap cruise deals.

4. Be Aware: Sale Season

In the cruise industry, there are usually two major sales periods: one in January-February and another one around August-September.  Sometimes there’s an extra one at the beginning of summer.  Often you can find some flash sales, like Black Friday, Veterans Day etc for specific area (Mexico, Caribbean etc). Keep an eye out for those, or even better, ask your travel agent to notify you when the sales begin. Other specials that you might see from time to time, is a $1.00 or $25.00 dollar deposit. Cruise lines do that to entice people to book a cruise knowing that if they decide to cancel all they loose is a very small amount. There are no savings, usually, attached to these types of promotions.

5. Consider a Repositioning Cruise

At the end of the Caribbean Season (Late April) cruise lines move their ships to different locations such as Mediterranean, Alaska, Baltic Sea etc. Same thing goes for the end of Alaska season, only in reverse. These reposting cruises are known to offer incredibly low prices (Sometimes as low as $39.00 per person per night). Repositioning cruises can be the perfect cruise for a first timer, because they are cheap and sometimes short making them an excellent way to cruise for less.

(You can read more about Repositioning cruises here)

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6. Book a “To Be Assigned” Cabin

If you are not picky on where your cabin is going to be situated, a clever way to save some money on the cruise fare is to book a “To Be Assigned” cabin.  A “To Be Assigned” cabin means that you book the type of cabin you want (Inside, Window, balcony) and the cruise line will as will assign you the cabin number for the category you book or better up until the day of sailing.  This is much like how you would be used to booking a hotel room.  When you book a hotel room, you book the type of room, but not the room number.  In our experience, this can also be a good way to increase the chances of getting upgraded. (Find out more about cabin types here). If you really don’t care about the type of cabin, or you are planning on not spending any time in the cabin, you can book the cheeeeeapestttttt cabin available. You never know you might get upgraded. 😂

Cruise ship cabin

7. Do the Math

Cruise lines offer varying types of perks to make the cruise more appealing.  Sometimes, in order to get those perks, you will have to book a minimum cabin category (I.e. balcony or above). Ask your agent how much the fare would be the without the perks and do the math. You might find out that the perks are often not really free but simply built in the fare.

(Read more about the real cost of perks here)

8. Build Loyalty

Every cruise line has its own loyalty program. Some cruise lines enrol you automatically when you book, others want you to do a separate enrolment. Be sure to get enroled and start building loyalty with one or more lines. The higher on their program you get the more freebies you will receive – and perhaps even specialized offers!

9. Book on Board

This tip only applies if you’re on a cruise already. If you are on board and you think you will be taking another cruise sometime soon, I recomment to go and see the future cruise consultant on board. Every cruise line has variying specials in form of deals or perks only available on board.  Most cruise lines have another form on board, sometimes called a “Future Cruise Deposit”. This is a set amount (i.e. $100.00 or more) that you can buy on board and you can use as a deposit for a future cruise. These are also usually 100% refundable and has some perks attached.


10. Be Flexible

This is quite possibly the biggest and best tip out there for scoring cruise deals.  If you are flexible with the itinerary, departure date, length of the cruise and cruise line, you can find some really incredible deals. The best thing to do is to sign up for the last minute email list with the cruise lines you like and check their last minute deals. (Check the list of cruise lines last minute sales)

Bonus Tip: set a budget for the cruise, and when you see a cruise in the target price range you’ve set, book it! If you are always looking for the BEST price you may end up waiting forever!

-Happy Cruising

PS: Here’s a list of links for cruise lines that have last minute sign up deals.

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