How to Get From Fiumicino Airport to Rome 4 Easy Options to Easily Get to Downtown Rome

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The Leonardo Da Vinci Airport (FCO), also known as Fiumicino, is located 35 km from downtown Rome and is the central hub for tourists starting their Italian holidays.  Fiumicino is also the main airport for the many cruise ship passengers who are arriving to board their ship in Civitavecchia (the port of Rome).

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Fiumicino airport is quite big and has four main terminals (numbered Terminal 1, 2, 3, and 5).  Terminal 4 is currently under construction.

Here are the most common options for tourists who are arriving at Fiumicino, and are wanting to travel to (Downtown) Rome.

Fiumicino To Rome Option 1: Train

Two major trains can take you from the airport to downtown Rome: The Leonardo Express and the Sabina-Fiumicino. 

The Leonardo Express:  This is the ideal choice to get to Termini station, in Downtown Rome. The Leonardo Express is a shuttle train that takes 32 minutes to get you to from Fiumicino to Rome. This train runs non stop, every 15 minutes during peak time, and every 30 minutes during less busy times. The train runs from 6:23 am to 11:23 pm going from Fiumicino Airport to Termini. In the other direction (Termini to the Airport), the train runs from 5:35 am to 10:35 pm.

It’s important to note that this train service is guaranteed to run, regardless of any labor strike. The price is €14.00. The train station (at the airport) is located by terminal 3, and tickets can be purchased on the Trenitalia Website or at a kiosk near the train station. Some newsstands at the airport sell these train tickets as well.

Sabina-Fiumicino: this is a regular commuter train that also stops at the airport. It’s not a shuttle train, and it has few other stops in between, such as Roma Trastevere Station, and Roma Tiburtina. The journey takes about 50 minutes, but it does not stop at Termini. A Sabina-Fiumicino commuter train is a good option for tourists booked in hotels located in the Trastevere area.  Note: This train runs less frequently than the Leonardo Express.  For the most updated timetable, visit the Train Website. 

Fiumicino To Rome Option 2: Bus

There are a few bus companies that run shuttle services between the airport and downtown Rome:

Terravision: This bus line connects Fiumicino to Termini Station, with a stop in between and the complete journey takes about 55 minutes (without traffic). Click Here for the Terravision Bus Website.

SIT BUS: This bus connects Fiumicino to Termini Station and some other stops in between. The cost is only €6.00. Click here for the Sit Bus Website

TAM BUS: this bus connects the airport to Termini station as well. Tickets can be purchased online at the Click Here for the Tambus Website

If you do take the train, be sure to have your camera ready as it will be a lovely journey.

Fiumicino To Downtown Rome Option 3: Taxi

Taxies are wildly available and are at pretty much every terminal exit. The price is a flat fee of €40.00 (for up to 4 passengers and bags) to get you from Fiumicino to the Centro, or Downtown Rome (Current as of July 2019). If you’re not going to the Centro, the price will vary.

Tip: Make sure you take an official “Città di Roma” (City of Rome) Taxi. It’s important to know that some “not so legit” drivers will try and get you in their car.  These illegal taxies may not be adequately insured, are known for scamming tourists, and as a result, I don’t recommend using them.

Fiumicino To Rome Option 4: Private Car Services

You can book private car services through the hotel concierge, or online. The drivers usually wait for their clients at their arrival with a sign. The prices start around €70.00 and go up depending on the kind of car, and the time of the year.  Keep in mind that traffic can be quite heavy, making this the slowest option.

Bonus 1: Getting from Fiumicino to Civitavecchia to board a Cruise Ship

Cruise ship passengers that need to reach the Port of Civitavecchia have a little longer of a journey as there’s no non-stop trains from Fiumicino to Civitavecchia.  Passengers will first need to get to either Termini Station (Using one of the four options above), or to Trastevere Station before transferring to a to Civitavecchia Porto bound (The cruise terminal) train.  Note: it can take two to three hours to get from the airport to the cruise port.

Bonus 2: Some Must do Things in Rome

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