My day in Rome!

I’ve been to Rome many times and I have visited all the major tourist attractions may times (Colosseum, Forum, Sistine Chapel etc…) so this is my typical when I go back to the Eternal City:

  1. Go to the Pantheon nice and early: I love to walk to the pantheon first thing in the morning before the major rush of tourists. I know the Pantheon is a bit touristy too but I love it and I love to visit it every time I go.

    The Pantheon
  2. Walk to Piazza Navona: Stroll to Piazza Navona, that I consider one of the most beautiful piazzas in the world. I just love it.
  3. Have a slice of roman pizza for lunch: roman pizza is usually baked in big long slabs cut in tranches and sold by weight. It is delicious and I love to try all the different toppings. I can’t get enough of it.
  4. Coffee break at Giolitti: this is an historic coffe shop near the Parliament. They serve perfect coffee or if you want to indulge great gelato!
  5. Take a segway tour: this is probably one of the most fun tour in Rome! They usually start in front of Castel Sant’Angelo and they zip around the narrow streets of Rome all the way up to the gardens of Villa Borghese. Absolutely FUN!
  6. Sit down for aperitivo by campo dei fiori: if you don’t know what aperitivo is you are missing out! Aperitivo is a pre dinner drink (usually around 7:00pm) and it always comes with some complimentary finger food. Some aperitivo places even offer a finger food buffet included in the price of the drink. A MUST DO! I love the Campo Dei Fiori area, always alive and perfect spot to sit and enjoy watching people.
  7. Go for dinner in the Jewish Ghetto: I like to walk by Teatro Marcello to the Portico D’Ottavia, the center of the Jewish area of Rome (The Ghetto is the actual name). This is my favourite area for dinner in Rome. Roman Jewish food is delicious, especially in artichoke season when you can taste them deep fried mouthwatering 🤤.
  8. Walk to the Trevi fountain at night: from the ghetto I like to stroll through piazza di torre argentina (btw a not so well known fact:the ruins in this piazza are the actual place where Julius Caesar was killed) than walk by via Minerva, back in front of the Pantheon, than to the Tempo di Adriano and end up at the Trevi Fountain. Even at night this iconic spot is packed with tourist but with the lights on I think it is even more beautiful than during the day.

    Trevi Fountain Rome!
  9. Walk on via del corso to Piazza Venezia: I like to walk back on via del corso toward Piazza Venezia. Stop in front of the Monument of Vittorio Emanuele and take a night photo.

    Altare della Patria
  10. Walk up the Campidoglio: I always love to finish my day in Rome by looking at the Forum at night. The area always packed with tourist during the day is calm and serene at night. The view from the Campidoglio is stunning, I love to stop there take some photos, walk down toward the Foro Traiano, catch a taxi back to the hotel and pack for the night 30,000 steps for the day!

Other things to do in Rome.
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