How Much Does a Cruise Cost? Not as much as you think! Some simple factors that impacts the cruise fare.

Have you been thinking, “How much does a cruise cost”? Before answering that question let’s analyse what it is included in the cruise fare Your cruise fare includes the following: Your accommodation Your meals at the main dining room, at the buffet, at the cafeteria and some other food venues (pizza place, burger and hot […]

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Airplane - How I book the cheapest flights

How To Book the Cheapest Flights – 5 Flight Hacks I've travelled extensively for the past 20 years- This what I've learned.

I’ve been working for the government teaching soldiers for the last 20 years, and over this period of time, I’ve learned exactly how to book the cheapest flights. Β During that time I usually traveled two to three times a year with them.Β  Then two years ago, I was traveling almost every month.Β  I wondered if […]

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