The Best Options to Get Around in Europe Travelling to Europe? Read on to find out how to best get around.

Are you traveling to Europe and wondering the best options to get around when you’re there (and possibly cheapest and most effective)? Here are some of my top suggestions to get around Europe that you can consider. Getting around by Bus Europe has a fantastic network of buses making it very easy to get around. […]

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Which Cruise Line Category Should I Choose? Luxury or Mainstream? Choosing the right cruise line makes the vacation even more awesome!

Which cruise line should you choose? Do you go luxury or mainstream? Choosing the right cruise line category can make the cruising experience even more perfect.  But, how do you pick the ideal cruise line for you and your family?  Here are some tips that might help you. Everyone is different and has different ideas […]

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5 Flight Hacks To Book the Cheapest Flights Working for the government, I've travelled for the past 20 years: This what I learned.

I have been working for the government teaching soldiers how to fight for the last 20 years.  During that time I usually traveled two to three times a year with them.  Then two years ago I was traveling almost every month.  I thought to myself if I could find a way to drive down the […]

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Pro Tips to Avoid Getting Seasick on a Cruise Seasickness is no fun. But here's some ways we've been able to get over it.

Seasickness is one of the major concerns people have who’ve never cruised before. Modern ships are designed and equipped to handle rough seas, and passengers’ comfort is a high priority of every cruise line. Unfortunately, like airline turbulence, there are occasions when the ocean is rough and the ships rock.  It is not the norm, […]

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Holland America Cruise Ship in the Port of Vancouver

5 Secrets From a Crew Member: How to Make Your Cruise Even More Awesome!

Whether this is your first cruise, of your tenth, while you are on board, you might find yourself missing some of the “comforts” of home.  We recently sat with a former cruise ship employee and asked them their secrets on how you could make your cruises even more awesome. So lets get right too it! […]

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How I Keep My Travel Memories Alive!

If you’re like me and you enjoy taking lots of travel photos, perhaps documenting each and every part of your journey, you probably want to keep those photos handy.  If you are like many, you’ll take your photos, and perhaps upload them to social media, you’ll get likes and loves from all your friends and […]

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Excursions: Booking Through the Cruise Line or Independently?

Port excursions are a very important part of your cruise.   They are enriching and and can be the highlight of your holiday.  The thing is, the cruise line can only take you so far.  To get you to the land based destinations, (I.e. Think Glaciers in Alaska or the amazing Batu Caves in Malaysia) you’ll […]

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10 Pro Tips for Making the Best of Your Cruise!

Cruising can be very exciting, but there are few tricks to ensure you have even more fun: Choosing an itinerary: If you’ve never cruised before, you might not know how much or how little you will enjoy it. For that reason, be picky and choose carefully.  For newbies, I suggest to start with a 7 […]

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Three Must have Gadgets For The Beach!

If you’re like me, you love to spend time at the beach, soak up the sun, walk up and down the beach and maybe dip in the ocean! Here are some of my favourite tools that I can’t do without when I go to the beach: As I said, I love to walk on the […]

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The Truth About Cruise Perks: Are They REALLY Worth it?

Cruise lines often offer perks to passengers at the time of booking to make the cruise more appealing, but are they worth it? Let’s take a closer look. Examples of perks: Free gratuities: this is one of the most common perks offered by cruise lines at the time of booking. On board Credits: this perk is […]

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