3 MUST have Gadgets on Your Cruise!

Having cruised a lot we found 3 little gadgets that are absolutely indispensable for us very time we board a ship. Let me share them with you:

Dollar Store Tea Lights

The cabin bathroom can be really really dark at night and finding the light switch might not be easy. We discovered that LED tea lights from the dollar store are perfect for that. They cost you about 2 dollars and the battery lasts at least 2 weeks.  We turn them in the bath at night in before bed and the problem is solved. Trust me, it’s a must have!

Dollar Store LED lights

USB/Power Plug Converter with 4 USB ports

When I cruise I always bring my phone, my tablet, my camera, my GoPro and my laptop…. those are a LOT of devices to charge at night. I discovered this little tool that is perfect for the job. Not only converts every plug from every country of the world but it also have 4 usb ports so I can charge 5 devices at the same time! Not bad. This little tool is small, light and it is incredibly handy in hotels and cruises all over the world.

Boca Clips!

I love to spend a lot of time by the pool when I cruise but sometime the wind is strong and the beach towel tend to fly away. One time I saw someone on a ship using these funny clips to hold the towel that looked like pink flamingos! I was “I gotta have those!” Well a short search on line and I was able to find all sorts of clips that are perfect for the job and stylish in a cheesy sort of way! Now I will not board a ship without those (as you can see in the photo above, of me napping! 📷🙄)

Did I forget to mention anything?  What are your favourite must-have gadgets for a cruise?

Happy Cruising

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