Top 10 things I learned in Paris France 👍🏻🇫🇷😍

I visited this amazing city over new year and I fell in love with it. Here are metope 10 things i have learned that I want to share with you.

1- You can’t help but fall in love with this city! Seriously it is amazing. Just get lost in the street of this city, grab some lunch and enjoy!

2- If you think your home is small, Parisean homes start around 17sq meters (183 sq ft). OUCH!

3- Starbucks can’t compete here. Why bother coffee shops in Paris offer an incredible variety of freshly baked goods…. why bother with some plastic wrapped food made in New Jersey!

4- Paris has an inspirational mass transit system! The Metropolitane goes pretty much everywhere, fast and efficiently. Yes it gets crowded at times but it is awesome.

5- Thinking Disneyworld instead??? What are you thinking.

6- Parisians throw out old appliances and toilets in to the street on New Years. It is kind of entertaining just look up and enjoy 😂

7- With so many people, it forces you to be more comfortable with crowds… My bubble is far smaller now!

8- Men and women share the same dirty bathrooms- I am never complaining about a Canadian bathroom again! And yet Parisians are not extinct by a contagious disease….

9- Cheese and fois gras are condiments… if you are vegetarian or vegan you are in trouble here!

10- Evian is on tap (in every sink) everywhere! Seriously tap water taste delicious here! go figures!


If you want to visit the Eiffel Tower but you don’t care about waiting in line for hours, what about going there for dinner at the restaurant in the Tower! How cool is that!