Why do I love cruising? 🛳👍🏻📷😀

Cruise Excursion

I get asked why do I like cruising so much? What is it about cruising that you like? Don’t you get bored on a boat? Here are my reasons why I love cruising I hope you enjoy and maybe give cruise a try.

1. I only need to unpack and pack once! Yes the hotel travels with me and I wake up in a different port every day. I love that.

2. It is the only way to visit many destinations in a short period of time. In Europe and Asia many of the most important cities are on the ocean, that makes cruising the perfect way to visit many different places without spending incredible amount of time transferring.

3. I only have to worry about one language and one currency. On board the language is English and the currency is the US dollar.

4. It is incredibly safe! Even if you decide to cruise to a not so safe destination you always go back on board at night making it incredibly safe. On top of that if an area become unsafe the cruise line change the port and goes somewhere else.

5. Food is amazing… honestly sometime it feels a little too much food hahaha 😂

Best dessert at sea! Princess Cruises Norman Love Pistachio Dome

6. It is almost all inclusive. Included in the cruise fare I have my accommodation, my meals, my shows and my transportation. The only things I need to worry about are my drinks, excursions and the occasional spa treatment!

7. On board there is always something to do to the point that sometime I just like to sit by the pool and do nothing!

8. It is a great way to meet new people. Being confined on a floating resort makes it very easy to socialize with your fellow cruiser. Most of the time are people that share my passion for travelling and I love to keep in touch even after I am back.

9. Some destinations can only be reached by boat. For example in Alaska some of the most majestic glaciers can only be reached and viewed by boat.

10. I simply love the ocean and I deeply enjoy to sit on a chair and admire the waves and listen to the noise of the sea!


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